Terms & Conditions

JobEtica is currently a project with social and humanitarian purposes primarily aimed to helping adults whether unemployed or looking for better career and life opportunities. The project covers a variety of services including courses, support and advice. Free activities such as courses, workshops, support and advice are offered in a variety of forms. The project and service include the website, services delivered from the website, class based services and other types and form of services.
When using the JobEtica service you agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

  • respect any patents, copyrights and trademarks. All rights belong to the rightful owners and authors;
  • use the Forum or Web Chat or other public/sociable services appropriately. We will monitor these services and we will take action regarding inappropriate use.

The website’s webmasters, the trainers, teachers, coaches, mentors, supervisors, advisors, therapists, collaborators and any other staff member or collaborators in whichever form of JobEtica accept no liability for:

  • loss of access to the website due to routine or emergency maintenance on the system, or due to excessive demands for the service;
  • loss of data including both data sent and other data held by or on behalf of you;
  • delay or failure in receipt of data provided by you or to you;
  • damages arising from your use of the JobEtica websites and services.

We may need to verify your identity when using our services. The information you supply through this site will be accessible by JobEtica’s staff, webmaster and consultants. This data are used to provide you with the services you required or to inform you about services we believe relevant to you.

For further information regarding what information we collect from you, what we do with this information, who we share this information with and how we protect your Privacy, please see our Privacy Policy http://www.jobetica.co.uk/privacy-policy.

You can end your use of the Service at any time either via the Website or by contacting JobEtica.

If you have any further questions regarding the Service or wish to raise a complaint, please contact JobEtica on 03309980638.