JobEtica is a project originally born from the idea of contributing to changing the way we work, the way we approach jobs and careers and ultimately making the job market more ethical from a human being’s perspective.

The idea formed in 2011 and it developed slowly into an actual project in 2013.



JobEtica - StefTwenty years of experience running my own business as well as covering senior roles as an employee, earned me the know-how and understanding that I can now share with people who are either unemployed or longing for a real career/life change. I am not telling stories from the point of view of someone who never really had to worry about finding a job and I have been on the other side of the line as the employer, the one who would select and screen CVs, the one who arranges, plans and runs interviews… I try my best to share my experience in a way that can be understood and used by anybody. In 2013, in addition to the recurrent activity of CV review, coaching and mentoring for job seekers, I started operating within a volunteering program of a local council running courses and one-to-one sessions for unemployed people. I learn so much from the people I help. Each individual has a different, interesting story and I am glad to see that my training, coaching and mentoring sessions can truly help people regardless of their circumstances. It is amazing to be able to observe the changes in a human being that real-life, down to earth, honest know-how can do.



Jobetica - Stef Human Resources Specialist, has gained experience in Recruitment in several organisations within the profit and no profit sector. Passionate about facilitating people in exploring their potential and developing themselves, has been volunteering in the East Hub based in Gorton (Manchester) as Job Club Mentor since October 2015 with the aim of supporting job seekers in job searching, CV and cover letter writing and application form filling. Stef enthusiastically grabs every opportunity to mentor and coach people who are looking for a change in their lives and she is planning to get qualified as coach, while growing as HR Specialist.